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Down Arrow


World Cup Kansas City will offer special classes and clinics to refine your athlete's skills or to introduce them to a new skill or technique. These classes have featured visiting instructors from organizations such as The Cheerleader Magazine and NextLevel Choreography. We also offer special classes for tryouts and skill enhancement over breaks in the school year.

Check back often for future classes and clinics! 

World Cup Kansas City offers recreational cheer teams and tumbling classes for athletes of all ages.  

All Level Tumbling Class Description: 

All level tumbling class is a structured focus on basic skill development, and athletes progress through levels at their individual skills progression. The curriculum is designed to create physically and technically strong athletes that can perform a wide range of tumbling skills.  All level Tumbling classes are open to team athletes and non-team athletes at World Cup Kansas City.

Tryout Clinics

ALl Level Tumbling Class 

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