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At World Cup Kansas City, tumbling classes are designed for cheer progression. All Athletes learn proper technique and focus on perfection before progression of skills. Training includes tumbling skills needed for middle school, high school, sideline and recreational cheer teams. World Cup Kansas City offers tumbling classes for all ages and skill levels. 

Our tumbling classes are organized by level, beginning with Intro to Level One (no prerequisites) and feature steady advancement all the way through Level Six. If your athlete is learning any tumbling from a cartwheel to a standing full, World Cup Kansas City has a class for you. We also have tumbling classes focused on core skills such as back handsprings and back tucks. 

Examples of skills taught at each level:

Intro to Level One: Just starting out, no experience required

Level One: Forward Roll, Cartwheel, Back Walkover

Level Two: Back Handspring, Round Off-Back Handspring

Level Three: Back Handspring Series, Aerial, Punch Front, Round Off Tuck

Level Four: Back Handspring Back Tuck, Round Off Layout, Front Walkover Through to Layout

Level Five: Jump Back Tuck, Jump Back Handspring Series to Whip, Round Off Full

Level Six: Jump Full, Standing Full, Back Handspring Series to Double Full

In between levels or have questions on which tumbling class is right for your athlete? Contact us for an evaluation.

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